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Frequently Asked Questions


What is integrative health?


Integrative health is a personalized approach to healing that focuses on finding the root cause instead turning off symptoms. Functional testing is used to find deficiencies and dysfunction to reveal the root cause. It also includes finding outside factors such as diet, lifestyle, and mental well being that could be contributing to symptoms. We develop protocols and habits specifically catered to your body to support healing without the need for trial and error or detox symptoms. 


How is it different from functional heath?


Integrative health encompasses functional medicine and expands by incorporating lifestyle, environment, and mental mindset factors. 


What conditions or ailments can integrative health help with?


Many chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, diabetes,  autoimmune diseases, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, depression, anxiety, migraines, brain fog, food sensitivities, gut issues, skins disorders, allergies, hormone imbalances, menopauses symptoms, Interstitial Cystitis, mold, candida, SIBO, mitochondria dysfunction and the list goes on. 


Is this a quick fix?


No, we will be working on helping the body to get back in balance and reduce the toxin build up. Healing takes time just as it took time to build up and cause dysfunction and symptoms. 


How long until I can expect results?


Most clients see improvements with in the first 3 months. 


How is this different than my family Doctor?


Integrative health is not meant to replace your family Doctor for acute illness. Integrative health is more in-depth and a more personalized approach with more communication. I will be available to answer questions through unlimited email and text support. It also uses different tests with more narrow ranges to find the root causes than traditional western medicine is designed. We are achieving wellness and thriving instead of staying just out of disease and disorder. 


Will there be a diagnosis or prescriptions?


No, I am not a doctor and will not diagnose or prescribe pharmaceutical medications. I will provide health information for the body, mind, spirit, and interpret test results. 


Is testing or supplements included in the package price?


No, I do not use testing to make a profit. They can often be paid for by FSA/HSA accounts or sometimes by insurance just as you would with testing for your family Doctor. Supplements will be offered at a discount through me or can be purchased through your preferred supplier. 

Do you test for f​ood sensitivities?


No, IGG testing does not always have accurate results. Furthermore, we are working on getting to a place where the body should have very minimal food sensitivities. We will test to see what types of foods are best for your body in the healing process. Our aim is to eliminate restrictive diets and be able to enjoy foods with no discomfort. 

Do you help with reducing my chances of cancer?

Yes! Cancer is your body's way of getting rid of bad cells. Bad cells happen when the body does not have what it needs to perform all its functions or it is so overloaded with toxins. By testing the deficiencies, reducing the toxic burden, and balancing hormones, your chances of cancer are greatly reduced. 

Do you help with reducing my chance of Alzheimers and Dementia?

Yes! By giving your body the nutrients it needs, balancing the brain, and reducing prescription drug medication, chances of memory related illness is greatly reduced. 

Do you help balance my cholesterol?

Yes! we work on the root cause of any cholesterol imbalance. We also make sure the body is able to use it properly. Cholesterol is actually very important for nearly every function in your body and is one of the leading causes for Alzheimers, Dementia, and muscle function.  Unlearn the cholesterol myths.

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