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But How??




From head to toe, I leave no stone unturned. We will get your body functioning back to 100%.  We will cover everything; completely comprehensive. Since all our systems are interconnected, you cannot just fix the thyroid or liver or hormones. There is a reason you cannot just work on the gut or even approach it first. This shocks some people but I will explain why. Our bodies are amazing and can come back from the worst of states. You can too. I can help you!

It's no wonder more and more people have chronic and autoimmune disorders, allergies, gut issues, hormone imbalances, anxiety, etc. I help you to find the root cause and eliminate the symptoms. You can live free again. I use personalized test result interpretations, nutritional advice, and protocols help the body heal from so many aliments. It is not just about what you eat, it's about how your body works. It is important to give your body what it needs to be successful. Not another generic protocol that everyone else gets. That is why they are not working for you!

I work in phases because your body needs to be supported first before trying to detox from anything. It is like a soldier putting on their gear before going into battle with all the toxins in your body. This is an important step that is often overlooked. Do not be afraid of detox symptoms. When the body has the right support, it can eliminate what it needs without feeling like crap!


Here is my approach: 



Phase 1 

(3-6 months)


    We start with a foundation of nutrition, genetic testing, expanded blood work, OATS. Then we add in DUTCH hormone and adrenal testing, and liver detoxification. This provides a personalized supportive ground for the body to begin healing. These will balance neurotransmitters, thyroid, detox pathways, mitochondria, vitamins, minerals, hormones, adrenals, digestion, and kidney function. We not only check if the body has the right support, we make sure it is able to use it properly. This is usually where dysfunction that leads to chronic conditions happens. Most start to see significant improvement just with phase 1. 


Phase 2

(~6 months)


    Once our foundation is in place, we can work on removing stressors from the body and address gut issues. The GI Map, Parasite and Protozoa testing, and gentle removal of heavy metals can only be done once the foundation is in place. These tests tell us if you have SIBO, candida, Lyme, mold, parasite, protozoa, other pathogens, balance gut bacteria, and heavy metals. We work to eliminate them safely and easily. When these are focused on these first, the body can end up with more symptoms and create more problems long term. That is why Phase 1 is so important and why I do not go straight to working on the gut. No crazy detox symptoms here because the body is ready. It is like giving your body PPE so it can get rid of toxins without getting worse.  This is what keeps the body well long term and gives you your health back. 

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