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My Background


I have struggled with my health since I was born. As a young child, I had eczema and digestive issues all the time. When I became a teenager, my gut issues were a daily occurrence and I started to struggle with my mental health. In my 20’s, I was trying to work my way through school and my symptoms expanded with excruciating menstrual cycles, PMDD, acne, and anxiety. I started to try to find answers and relief by seeing numerous doctors who did several tests. They kept telling me that my tests were normal. Except, the way I was feeling was far from normal. Turning to a more natural approach led me to a naturopath that put me on a candida overgrowth protocol. Since she just tried to eliminate the candida and did not support the body, I was becoming nutritionally deficient. I started doing my own research, trying supplements, and eliminating foods that seemed to be triggers. My social life and mental state were affected to where my quality of life was pitiful. My symptoms were so intense that just getting out of bed or getting through the next hour took everything in me. Of course, I was wondering if I would be able to maintain my massage practice much longer. Finally, I found Integrative Health. It just made sense. Instead of trying to use symptoms to find a diagnosis, just test what the bodies needs. By providing the correct support for the body, symptoms will vanish on their own. I believe in finding the root cause and a natural approach so much that I decided add it to my practice. I want to help everyone else struggling like I did. I am excited to help those that fall through the cracks of our traditional western medicine and provide them with hope of a bright and enjoyable life again!

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