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Sara Langenbach, IHP, LMT

It just made sense. Instead of trying to use symptoms to find a diagnosis, just test what the bodies needs. By providing the correct support for the body, symptoms will vanish on their own. I believe in finding the root cause and a natural approach so much that I decided add it to my practice. I want to help everyone else struggling like I did. I am excited to help those that fall through the cracks of our traditional western medicine and provide them with hope of a bright and enjoyable life again!

Find your ROOT CAUSE

Despite what you have been told, you can heal!

Your diagnosis is not a life sentence. You have more options than to only manage your symptoms with drugs.

I can help you find the root cause to your symptoms or diagnosis.

There is a reason your body is not working properly. Let me help you dive deeper.

Let me help you take back your life. Let me help you take back your health.

It can get better! Join the thousands that healed from autoimmune disorders, chronic illness, and disruptive symptoms.

Image what your life would be like without taking medication everyday and dealing with the side effects.

Imagine what your life would look like with freedom of symptoms.

You can do it!

Schedule a free health assessment and find out how.

This is the answer you have been looking for


Are you confused about what practitioner to turn to? Are you wanting a more natural approach to figuring out what it going on? 

My Integrative approach is the most comprehensive that you will find out there. It may seem like overkill to work on all the body systems when you just have gut symptoms or migraines. 

I assure you it is important. 

Think of the iceberg. The symptoms you are feeling like eczema or weight gain is just the tip of the iceberg. The solution is not to just rub a cream on or cut carbs. 

Most of you have experienced that covering up the symptom is not working. Thats why you are here looking for a solution. 

That is why I look deeper. 

Your gut is related to your thyroid which is related to your brain and adrenals and so on. Its all connected in big part of the iceberg below the water.

 If you want a solution that actually solves the problem and not just sweeps it under the rug, this is your answer. 

Do not wait 15+ years like I did!
If I knew I could feel this awesome,
I would have spent the money long ago.
I would have 10 years of my life back.
Your life is PRICELESS. 

Directional Signs

You can keep trying the same tactics
You can finally get BETTER

Have you tried the supplements that you have heard of in groups?

Have you tried to change your diet?

Are you doing all the things that you have been researching for years and still not getting relief from your symptoms?

It's not as easy as just taking some milk thistle or cutting out carbs.

In fact, I have seen symptoms get worse from trying supplements and restricting diets.

Do not cause anymore damage. Let's find exactly what is causing your symptoms. Let's find exactly what your body needs.

Hint: Milk thistle is not for everyone. Your liver needs much more than that. 


Enjoying the Nature

Integrative Health


(513) 519-4703    |

10999 Reed Hartman Hwy, STE 238, Blue Ash, OH, 45242

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